A Handbook For Agents

I believe that the best way to sell anything is by Auction. Contrary to popular belief Auctions are not property orientated, they are not price orientated, they are not even product orientated. An Auction is simply a selling process, probably the most powerful selling process in the world.

You name it, anything with value is auctioned because of the power of the process. Think about it, what do we sell by Auction?

  • Property
  • Art
  • Antiques
  • Race horses
  • Jewellery
  • Ebay
  • Cars

Why would you use an Auction to sell property? Essentially it is a four stage process that gives you four chances to sell a property, usually in a quicker timeframe and at a better price than the standard method of selling. Auctions suit any type of property, not just elite properties and can be used in any type of market. The Auction Process is just one of the many options available to sellers yet most people stick with the standard method. Why is this? The answer is: Most agents don’t even understand the process so they fail to even mention it. In order to act in the seller’s best interest,

You must present all the available selling options and explain them in detail.

When you present the options to the seller you won’t have to lead them because your Auction presentation and explanation of the four phases will be enough for them to say ”why isn’t everyone selling by Auction?” My answer to that is “exactly”! Most sellers end up choosing the Auction Process simply by saying “Why wouldn’t we?”.

In this handbook we will highlight the features, benefits and guidelines that occur at each stage of the Auction Process to ensure a successful Auction campaign. This information is for agents only and is designed to equip you with the relevant tools and activities. The handbook is not to be given to your sellers.

Ryan Thompson



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