Starbucks focusing on human beings. How odd!

I recently read an interesting article written by Chris Matyszczyk titled, ‘Starbucks Just Made a Major Decision That’s Really Going to Annoy Some People’, followed by the sub-title, ‘Turning its back on the modern world’

Even though Starbucks has no presence in WA, I would bet my last long mac topped up that there isn’t a West Australian who hasn’t heard of the famous coffee shop chain, so naturally I was intrigue.

So what was the breaking story, the headline news that has half of the US up in arms? Starbucks made the decision to close its online store, their new CEO Kevin Johnson is focusing on human beings.

How odd! (as aptly described by Chris Matyszczyk)

In a world that is blissfully digital, where barely a decision is made without some form of digital interaction, where a day doesn’t start or end without us looking at our phones, a world where just about every response to every question is ‘google it’.

In a world where the retail landscape is changing and changing fast, more and more outlets are pushing, not to create a strong online presence (because if you don’t have that you are already out the race), but to dominating search engine results and to find the magic algorithm that will put their business onto their potential client’s social media feed.

In a world where the restaurant and take-away businesses haven’t escaped this digital apocalypse. That’s right, just in case you missed it you don’t have to leave home for a gourmet meal or venture outside of the office during your lunch break, hell no, simply click on Menulog, Hey You, Foodora, Skip, Delivery Hero or Deliveryoo. For crying out loud we live in a world where our school kids are no longer pushing inline at the tuck shop but ordering Eber Eats!

Yes, how odd in this world!


BUT, Starbucks understands and has realised that ‘Humanity stills matters’.

Even with this cataclysmic shift from the traditional (if you were born before the year 2000) to the digital, Starbucks has taken the brave decision to do something quite stunning. The coffee chain has stopped, thought, and realised that what it’s offering is a human experience, something an online store struggles to or in fact cannot deliver.

When your core brand experience occurs in physical stores, it’s wise to enhance the value of that. The return, Starbucks hopes, will be that going to one of its physical locations will offer some level of actual joy. You know, the human kind.

Creating an experience is about reaching the emotional side of people, something that can only truly occur when all five senses are evoked.


We Get It!

Auction Services understands that as the real estate world has moved on, there has been an evolution in methods of sale available to sellers. Sure these methods offer convenience and save you time but they strip the true emotional element out of the sales process.

An auction is designed to create a human experience, it brings all the buyers together in an open and transparent environment, it is an environment that is filled with excitement, an excitement that can only be understood through the study of human psychology. We don’t generally tell others that we secretly revel in winning something while others lose, but face it, that’s often the truth!

There’s the adrenaline rush of bidding against an opponent to see who will ultimately win.

Interestingly, even if we end up paying more than we planned for, because the competitor bid us up, there’s this sense of ‘I showed em! I won!’. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with winning an auction.

Hearts beat faster. People have to catch their breath. Decisions must be made, often quickly. Since timing is always an issue with auctions, that alone causes excitement. Will a person make a big bid at the last minute, surprising everyone else? Will something that you thought no one would want end up going for more money than you ever thought possible? That sense of unknown coupled with an ‘anything’s possible’ mentality helps make the auction process uniquely exciting.

Auction Services conducts exciting real estate auctions. It’s your call!