Darren Berley

Darren is not your stereotypical auctioneer. He’s not loud or a flamboyant showman, in fact he used to be an accountant, and his financial background makes him one of the best technical auctioneers in the State.

Polished and professional, he is technically correct, precise, astute when it comes to handling negotiations and dealing with buyers, and very strategic in his approach. He has auctioned a few hundred properties, so he certainly has the experience necessary to get results!

Darren has made running a successful auction campaign an art form and can share his experience to help you achieve similar success. He believes that auctions have significant advantages over private treaty and when done correctly is an excellent method of sale. Done poorly they are doomed to fail.

He has received numerous industry awards as a listing agent and as an auctioneer, and is a REIWA award winning auctioneer.

“I feel there is no better method of sale.”

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