Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel? A story about how being bold and creative revolutionised an industry.

If you’re the same vintage as me, you’d have to agree that the music industry has changed significantly over the last 20 to 30 years. We saw albums replaced by CDs and CDs give way to digital downloads. And then you can throw illegal downloads into the mix…..
All this has had a negative impact on the revenue artists make.
The music industry struggled to cope and the documentary “Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel?” looks at how Arthur Fogel recognised the effect technological change was having and revolutionised the concert business.
He created mega concert tours for artists such as Lady Gaga and U2, adding value to an existing revenue stream and giving them the opportunity to earn additional income that may have been lost in record sales.
In a way, the real estate industry is facing a similar. Private treaty sales have held sway for a long time, but agents’ market share and income is being eroded by For Sale By Owner, and models like Purple Bricks and OpenAgent.com.au.
This is where agents need to do something different, something those alternatives can’t offer and that’s where auction comes in. Auction is like the concert tour of real estate.
Arthur Fogel said people go to shows because they want a show, they want showbiz. They don’t go just to hear a song, they get excited about the show.
Auction day is a chance to put on a show, put the property on a pedestal, create some more interest. It’s an event and makes agents and properties stand out from the crowd and gives them a competitive edge.
At Auction Services we’re taking a leaf out of Arthur Fogel’s book; we want to take on the new business models that are disrupting the industry and help more agents succeed with auctions.
We also want to add value to the day itself and make it more of a ‘show’. From the start of the new financial year our flat fee will include a coffee van with every auction booking. Agents will also have the opportunity to join FREE weekly coaching seminars to help them manage and run effective auction campaigns. We want to make auctions a fantastic experience for agents, sellers and buyers.
Like Arthur Vogel, we’re not just going to sit back and put up with the changes, we’re going to do something about it.