Thank you both again Anita and Ryan for all of your assistance for the auction last weekend, it is always a pleasure to work with you both.  I will continue to recommend auction by way of sale even though I’m leaving the industry now as I truly believe in it. I love the way you auction Ryan, a refreshing change from the old days of stuffy auctions!  Best regards Amanda.

It is always such an honour and privileged to be part of such an important part of peoples lives. Working with Auctioneer, Ryan Thompson cemented why we have a love of what we do. On behalf of everyone involved, thank you and Anita for your outstanding professionalism and your sincerity in your personal approach. As one beautiful family leaves the amazing community of Commercial Street, South Fremantle after nearly 50 years another beautiful family begins. “A home where memories not only exist, but are waiting to be made”

I would like to sincerely thank Ryan and the team at Auction Services WA for their professionalism and fabulous experience.  Ryan has successfully shown his years of experience through his negotiation skills and dealing with both the buyers and the sellers.  We wouldn’t have been able to achieve such an incredible result without Ryan’s exceptional negotiation skills.  Look forward to more successful Auctions together.  Best Regards Kenric

Please say a big thank you to Ryan for another wonderful job yesterday and another wonderful result. Peter had a call from the seller this morning to say how happy they are and after a good night’s sleep they know they made the right decision.  Anita, thank you for all your work as well because without all the paperwork being organised things would never go smoothly.

Sincere thanks to all of you for your essential contributions to the very successful auction result on Saturday!  We hope you continue to succeed in what we all realise is a tough market.

Best regards

“After having a negative opinion towards Auctions and how they are run in WA, along with seeing how difficult it might be to sell the process to a potential vendor it was Ryan who helped me gain the confidence and knowledge to push through those fears of losing a listing or struggling to get a higher fee. There was no special formula or difficult theory behind his teachings, it is all about communicating with your clients and believing in yourself and the methods he presents. I now present Auction as a way to sell a property to all my clients and continue to get Vendor Paid Advertising upfront without any issues, all from the support and guidance of Ryan. I would highly recommend Ryan to agents who still believe Auctions will not happen in Perth.”

SOLD AT AUCTION – 62a The Promenade, Mount Pleasant is now SOLD following a successful marketing campaign by Nik Jones & Natalie Hatton. Congratulations to our happy seller & buyers, we wish you all the best. And thank you to our auctioneer, Ryan Thompson of Auction Services WA.

Hi Ryan, just a quick note to say thank you for running my team through the first part of our auction calling course on Thursday. It was great to get a logical and clear breakdown of both the strategy and practicality of effectively running and calling auctions, and we all look forward to moving on with the next stage of the training.

I look forward to seeing you at the pre-auction meeting for this weekends auction, and having you call your first auction for m

Hi Ryan and Anita,
Further to my call this morning, I would like to reiterate and provide testament to the fact your services are fantastic.

Thank you for leading such an informative, exciting and innovative conference. Ryan’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and we look forward to a continual relationship, whereby we can seek sound knowledge and advice from such a great service provider. Hats off to you both.

Kind regards,

Great afternoon well spent with good people learning essential things to help clients achieve the best results.

Good morning Anita and Ryan,
Congratulations on an excellent afternoon yesterday!
So glad we made the trip to Perth, an excellent afternoon of Auction training.

Best wishes,

Hi Ryan and Anita
Just wanted to send a big congratulations on your event yesterday.
I got a great deal out of it and found your presentation very valuable and professional.

Thanks again,

Thanks Ryan, enjoyed the afternoon, especially your section.

Hi Ryan,
Fantastic work on the auction training last week. One of the best events that I have attended especially about creating awareness of all aspects of Auction and getting things up and running.

Hi Anita and Ryan,
Thank you for inviting FinanceCorp to sponsor your event. We thoroughly enjoyed it. You guys did a great job!

Warm regards,

As always Ryan was very professional and easy to work with. And as always we sold the property under the hammer after a very competitive auction. My owners are happy and there were many impressed clients that witnessed the auction. Thanks again Ryan.

I recently listed a property for Auction and was delighted with the service provided by Auction Services.

I received great support along the way and felt I could call for advice at any time. The property sold prior to Auction but the fact that it was offered for Auction created a lot of interest and a competitive environment, resulting in a sale within 11 days at a fantastic price for the very happy vendors.

Thank you Ryan and Anita.
Kind regards Julie.

Getting started in the real estate industry can be difficult, particularly in the Western Suburbs where there is a lot of well-established competition. You need to build a client base and set yourself apart from other agents, and that can be a challenge.

I met Ryan soon after I decided to take up a career in real estate and he introduced me to auctions and his 5 stage selling process. He mentored myself and my team, attended reserve setting meetings, called auctions and helped close deals. His help was invaluable and helped put me on a path to success.

I used auctions from the beginning to stand out from the crowd and get the best outcome for my clients. Auctions got results, I built a reputation for success and my career grew tremendously. I still use auctions to sell most of my listings as they work!

Whether you are new to the industry or want to boost your existing career, it helps to have someone like Ryan to guide and encourage you. I would highly recommend him as an auctioneer, trainer and mentor.


This office is staffed with licensed and knowledgeable professionals who can personally assist.  The LJ Hooker website also has the largest real estate property library in the world: www.ljhooker.com.au/myljhooker. It is free to access 1,000’s of property related articles, checklists, eMagazines, market research reports and eBooks. Below is a quick snapshot of our property library.

Dear Ryan, I would like to thank you for conducting such a fabulous auction of our blocks last Saturday.

Your professionalism and enthusiasm were contagious to the crowd and resulted in genuine bidding when I am sure the bidders intended on holding back. It looks like I will cement a deal shortly. Kind regards, Jamie

Hi Ryan, just a note to say thank you for calling the Auction on Saturday. I was very impressed with your professional call. Although the property was passed in, we now have a more reasonable price.

Thank you again Ryan, I will certainly call upon you again for my next Auction. Kind regards Barry

Please thank Ryan for doing such a fabulous job on Saturday at my Auction in South Fremantle, he was awesome to watch. Will be recommending him to everyone. Kind regards Lynette.

What a result Ryan! I don’t know how possible, but I think you are getting better. Huge thanks.

Thank you Ryan.

Without the auction process, without the wonderful relationship, respect and understanding we have enjoyed throughout phase 1 and without the skills we combined today, the success of this auction for Harcourts Mandurah would not have been achieved.

Happy seller, happy buyers, happy agent! Win win win for everyone.

Ryan Thompson was supportive, professional and efficient during the entire auction process. His dedication, commitment, and skills on auction day, were critical to selling the property above the vendor’s expectations. I will be using Ryan Thompson to call my future auctions!