Circumstances bring about change and we need to be ready to adapt!

Author and coach John C Maxwell says change is inevitable, growth is optional.

He’s right – how you react to change is important. Will you ignore it and hope it goes away, will you embrace it and go forward, will you be dragged kicking and screaming towards a new future?

The story of the Z-Boys, a surf team who revolutionised the sport of skateboarding in the 1970s, highlighted the importance of adapting to change to me.

They brought surfing’s style to skating, skating low, riding like they were on a wave and dragging their hands on the pavement – a big difference from the upright style of skating that had been popular. They starting competing, and while the traditional skateboarders were not impressed, crowds loved them. The old style soon disappeared as people embraced something new and exciting. Traditional skaters had to adapt or risk losing competitions.

Circumstances brought about another change. A major drought in southern California saw swimming pools drained and left empty. The Z-Boys started skating in the pools, leading to the first aerial manoeuvre and the birth of vertical skating – this revolutionised skating and formed the foundation of many extreme sports, like snowboarding.

The traditional realm of auctions is undergoing a similar revolution. Auctions are great and they get results, but one day an agent said: how can we make auctions more accessible, how can we get more buyers involved and get a better result for our clients. Subject to finance auctions were born.

They were new, they were different, and they were a little bit scary. I have to admit I initially had my doubts. I was worried they were fraught with danger, with ramifications for buyers and sellers.
But, like successful skaters in the 70s, I looked into the new style. I saw it had huge benefits for buyers, sellers and agents and was the way forward. The Z-Boys didn’t ruin skating when they applied their surfing skills, they added something new and exciting, increasing interest and making the sport better and more appealing.

Similarly with auctions, there is still a place for traditional cash unconditional auctions, but subject to finance auctions are adding a new dimension, bringing auctions to a wider market.
From an initial doubter, I’ve become a believer. Let me show you how they can work for you.